Ferritin is a marker of total body iron stores and ferritin might be low even when the hemoglobin is normal. It can be checked using a simple at home Lab Me blood test. Studies have shown that up to 90% of female endurance athletes have low ferritin. Male athletes, particularly in endurance sports also commonly suffer from low iron.
Iron Tracking Just Got Easier For Endurance Athletes
Low iron levels can lead to weakness that fails to resolve with proper de-loading, periodization, rest or diet modifications.
Not Improving
Exercise Performance
Lowered iron levels can reduce muscle strength and output resulting in injuries with impaired healing times.
Runners anemia often presents with headaches that won't go away and progressively become worse thus decreasing performance.
Headaches That Are Unresolving
When you don’t sleep well, certain liver hormones are increased, leading to a decrease in the body’s ability to absorb iron. Creating a drastic drop in running performance.
Chronic Fatigue
& Not Sleeping Well
If Your Are Doing Endurance Sports & Are Experiencing Any Of The Following, Get Your Iron Tested Today - From The Comfort Of Your Own Home.

✔️ Loss of endurance

✔️ Chronic fatigue

✔️ High exercise heart rate, 

✔️ Low power, 

✔️ Frequent injury, 

✔️ Recurring illness, 

✔️ Low appetite, 

✔️ Feeling cold, 

✔️ Loss of interest in exercise Irritability.
Without enough iron, your active body will not function properly. While well-trained, you’ll tire profusely and feel like you’re out of shape. You’ll become frustrated and wonder, “What’s wrong with me?”

Stop Thinking, "What's Wrong With Me?"
Since the first sign of iron loss is usually fatigue--and fatigue is multi-faceted, taking in training, diet and life-style.

Healthy iron levels are dependent on overall wellness.
A Decrease In Ferritin Levels - Leads To Frustration Because It Can Cause The Following:
Runner’s ferritin reserves is like a car’s gas tank.  Just as iron reserves stored in ferritin gradually deplete, to the point of ultimately impacting performance, your car will run fine until you’re out of gas. Fill up with iron before you run out of gas.

Now With Lab Me, You Can Quickly Know The Level Of "Gas" In Your Ferritin Tank
How Tracking Ferritin Has Helped Runners Using Lab Me.
Tracking my ferritin is super important to me as a female endurance runner.  However, it was expensive and time consuming.  Now I can do it from home and the results/tracking are automated for me.
Just when I felt hopeless, I found Lab Me and they helped me quickly understand why my I wasn't recovering properly and why I couldn't improve my pace.  I track my ferritin levels 4x a year - the graph helps me quickly correlate that with my training and diet.
Jack C.
Susan F.
Why Elite Athletes Track & Monitor Blood Iron

✔️ Improve Endurance

✔️ Increase Pace

✔️ Decrease Inflammation

✔️ Lower Heart Rate 

✔️ Track Dietary Changes

✔️ Modify Training  

✔️ Ensure Peak Performance

✔️ Have An Edge Over Competition

In the past this kind of testing was expensive, time consuming & difficult to understand.

Now, Lab Me, has made this elite testing and tracking avaliable to all endurance athletes - no matter their skill level or budget.

Hurry, before this $19 ferritin test gone forever.
Get past this MAJOR cause of runners' fatigue to regain your strength and speed

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